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Let’s face it,  we’ve all been in that position where we need to get the car fixed, but when we take it into the shop how do we know if what the mechanic is saying is really needed to get back on the road?  All we want is to have a drive-able car, and to work with an auto shop that will deliver a fair and honest quote without adding unnecessary extras into the mix. Minnie’s Auto Repair is that auto shop, trust your car with us today!

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Why Use Minnie’s?

Minnie’s Auto Repair is a female owned and operated auto repair shop in Columbia, SC.  We are proud to provide a safe, trusting atmosphere in Columbia anyone who wants automobile repair that is fair, fast, and honest. Operated by a predominantly female staff, with the ambitious goal of representing women in auto repair, we are here to provide any auto maintenance you may need.

It’s common for people to skip out on the maintenance and preventative care for their cars. And we think this is even more so for the women out there who just don’t want to deal with the hassle of car repair shops. We know that bad mechanic garage experiences can turn you off from bringing in your car on a regular basis, so we want to encourage you to stop by Minnie’s to have your auto repair and maintenance needs taken care of.

This is especially true for us mothers and wives. Between dropping kids off for sports, school, going shopping, and running errands necessary to take care of the house, you are putting extra miles on your car. More than average, at least. That’s why we offer preventative work and maintenance backed by warranties from 12,000 miles to 36,000 miles, depending on the service.

Our Auto Repair Services Include:

Oil Changes

Engine Repair

Muffler & Exhaust Repair

Brake Repair

Engine Maintenance

Transmission Repair

Electrical Repair

A/C & Heating Repair

Minnie's Auto Repair Owner Claudia Donnelley


I’m Claudia

I started Minnie’s Auto Repair with my husband Jason in 2017, to provide you with honest, quality car repair. Minnie’s is designed to be clean and inviting, a place you can bring your children and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while your vehicle is serviced. Located off St. Andrew’s I loved how close we are to Irmo High School and Harbison, so you can drop off your car and go shopping! Make sure you follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on our auto maintenance specials.

Female auto repair shop Columbia SC

What We Do

Local Auto Repair in Columbia, SC

Minnie’s auto repair is run by an ambitious team of women who want to succeed. When you ask yourself “where are the auto repair shops near me that will take care of me and my car with comfort and care”, then you’re answer should be Minnie’s Auto Repair.

We are located 10 minutes from downtown Columbia on St. Andrew Road, across from Big Lots. If you are looking to get your car taken care of and you want our special approach to automotive repair and care, then drop in and say hi.

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