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Your car’s exhaust is a critical aspect to the way your vehicle operates. Not only does it reduce the noise of your engine but it also helps you to control emissions. If you have a dragging muffler or rusted out pipes, it’s time that you visit our muffler shop for repair. At Minnie’s Auto Repair we offer comprehensive muffler repair and replacement services to suit your needs.

Your exhaust does more than quiet the noise coming from your engine. It also keeps the lethal fumes from entering your vehicle. The danger is that carbon monoxide is deadly and free of odor or color. This dangerous gas is routed away from your car through the exhaust system. If you aren’t maintaining your car, that gas could end up inside your cabin, which isn’t good.

To keep you and your passengers safe, you need to take the time to learn about your exhaust and take steps to protect yourself. You also want to consider the damage that this exhaust can cause to the environment.

Why Do You Need an Exhaust System?

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Signs You Have Trouble With Your Exhaust System

If you aren’t sure when the time is right to visit the muffler shop in Columbia, SC, we’ve got some symptoms to watch for.


Change in Sound

One of the telltale signs is that the sound changes. If you suddenly experience louder noises coming from your car, you might have a bad muffler. After all, this is the component that’s responsible for making sure everything remains quiet.

It might also mean you have a leak in your exhaust system. This noise will sound more like a fluttering. Aside from that, any noise could be an indication of a leak within the exhaust manifold or the result of a damaged catalytic converter. At Minnie’s Auto Repair, we offer a full line of diagnostics to figure out why you are experiencing more noise.

Engine Performance Becomes Rough

The exhaust is sealed and intact when everything is operating correctly. If there’s any internal damage, the engine might begin running roughly. You may think that you are having engine trouble, but it may just be a problem with your exhaust. The technicians at Minnie’s Auto Repair offer full exhaust repair and replacement services to get you back on the road.

Your Fuel Economy Decreases

You should always monitor your fuel economy because this is an easy way to tell when something isn’t right. If your muffler is loose or damaged or you are having trouble with the catalytic converter, the gas mileage tends to decrease. You don’t want to waste fuel and you don’t want to pollute our world, so head to Minnie’s Auto Repair for catalytic converter repair.

Rattling Noises Coming From Under the Car

If you hear a rattling noise coming from underneath your vehicles, you muffler might be loose. It could also be a result of an exhaust bracket or heat shield coming off. Bring your car to Minnie’s Auto Repair so we can take care of the problem before it causes any major damage. Having tailpipe repair and replacement might save you from a more costly and advanced service later.

Something Doesn’t Look Right

If you see anything strange under your car, you will want to get a closer look. Use a flashlight and inspect all the parts of your exhaust that you can see. If you see anything rusted, cracked, separated or with holes, you don’t want to wait for service. You must have your exhaust checked right away to ensure no more damage is done.

Foul Odors

Even though you won’t smell carbon monoxide, it’s possible to detect the other fumes that come from the exhaust. As a result, when the exhaust system is damaged, it’s possible that you will get a whiff of the gases coming from the engine. This could be mixed with carbon monoxide and should be treated as extremely dangerous. Open your windows up right away and drive immediately to Minnie’s Auto Repair so we can service your car.


Get Your Muffler Service Done the Right Way


Having exhaust manifold repair or custom exhaust fabrication isn’t always simple. That’s why you want to take your car somewhere you trust, such as Minnie’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC. We work hard to provide you with comprehensive exhaust upgrades and service. Our trained technicians have the skills and expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Don’t prolong having your exhaust system worked on or you could face larger problems down the road. Not only that, but you put yourself at risk. To save money you want to maintain the system and fix anything that goes wrong immediately.

At Minnie’s, we believe in serving our clients with the utmost care. We will always ensure that you understand what we are doing and how much it costs. With us, you won’t have any surprises when the job is over. That’s just another reason that the community loves working with Minnie’s Auto Repair and you will too.

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