Fleet Maintenance, Service, and Management

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If you are a fleet manager, then you know how difficult it can be to find an auto repair shop that puts your needs first. At Minnie’s Auto Repair we understand that managing a fleet is stressful and we strive to make your job easier than ever before. That’s why we offer flexible options with all of our fleet services.

Not only do we provide all the factory scheduled maintenance for your vehicles, but we also offer commercial truck repair and maintenance for mid-size and below. When your fleet is maintained correctly, you achieve more uptime and your business runs smoothly.

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What We Can Offer Your Fleet

Here are the things you can expect when you bring your fleet to Minnie’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC.


The safety of your employees is our number one priority. Our trained techs ensure that your fleet vehicles are running at full potential so everyone remains safe on the road. That’s why all of our mechanics participate in regular training to receive the latest certifications. This allows us to serve you better and put your needs first.


Quick Service

Every minute that your fleet is down, you are losing money. That’s why we strive to get you in and out the door as quickly as possible, without compromising safety. We have a quick turnaround time so you can get back to earning a profit.

Whether you choose to bring one vehicle to us at a time, or you want us to service them all at once, we can accommodate you. Just let us know what schedule is ideal and we will make it happen.


Community Care

We aren’t just an auto repair shop in Columbia, SC; we are part of a community. We take the time to get to know all of our clients so we can customize care to every person’s needs. You are never a number to us; you are family. We will always treat you with the same respect we would want for ourselves. That’s how you know that we will keep you informed during every step of the way.


Full Service

If you need simple oil changes, preventative maintenance or regular brake service, we handle it all. We are the one-stop shop for fleet accounts.


Everything is Done Right the First Time

The last thing you need is to have your fleet down for longer than necessary. That’s why we ensure that when your vans, trucks and cars leave our shop, they are in optimal running condition. We hope not to see you again until your next regularly scheduled appointment. This allows you to remain focused on your business and operate as needed.

Preventative Maintenance


One of the most important aspects to keep your fleet operating smoothly is to come in for regular preventative maintenance. This includes:


Tire Inspections and Maintenance

In addition to all the other services we provide, you need to consider having regular tire inspections and maintenance with Minnie’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC. Your tires are the only source of contact between your fleet vehicle and the road. Having worn, under-inflated or misaligned tires could cause an accident. Get your tire service at the same time as your regularly scheduled maintenance appointments to save time and money.

We Will Customize Your Care

All fleets are different and require different levels of care. At Minnie’s Auto Repair we understand that and listen to your needs. Whether you are coming to us for your DOT Inspections or your preventative maintenance, we ensure that everything you need is taken care of.

Many auto repair companies want their fleet accounts to fit into a mold they’ve created. We all know that doesn’t work and all that’s left is an unhappy customer. You deserve to have control over the services that are provided on your fleet vehicles. That’s why we work with you to create a plan that makes sense.

If you want to increase your up-time and save more money, it’s time you called Minnie’s Auto Repair for your fleet service. Join with the other business owners in the community that understand what true service looks like.

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