Auto Electrical Repair

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The electrical system in your car is the heart of all the operations. It houses the starter, alternator and battery. They provide power to your automobile components and should never be overlooked. Every make and model offers a unique operation and modern vehicles rely heavily on these complex systems. You have electrical components in your steering, sensors and brakes as well. That’s why you need an auto repair shop in Columbia, SC you can count on. You need Minnie’s Auto Repair.

Auto Repair Technician testing for proper grounds on engine
Auto Repair Technician testing for proper grounds on engine

Electrical System Diagnostics

At Minnie’s Auto Repair, we believe in running advanced diagnostics to figure out what’s going on. This not only alerts us to clear malfunctions and their causes but also helps check the entire health of your car. Our trained mechanics have the skills needed to handle all aspects of auto electrical repair including alternator repair and replacement plus starter repair and replacement.

When is the Time for Electrical System Diagnostics & Repair?

As you drive down the road, it’s likely you have warning signs right now telling you it’s time for a trip to Minnie’s Auto Repair. The one that many of us have dealt with at some time in our lives is having a car that won’t start. Sometimes it results in a grinding or clicking noise and other times; nothing happens at all. Often, this is the result of a dead car battery, but it could also be a bad starter or alternator.

Considering the standard car battery only lasts between three and six years, this is something we will all have to face. That’s why you should get it replaced as soon as you notice something is wrong. Otherwise, you might be sitting in the work parking lot unable to get home one day.

If you notice trouble with your dashboard lights, such as poor illumination, that could be a sign that something is wrong. Another telltale sign is when your headlights darken while traveling at a low speed.

Most Common Concerns with the Electrical System

Sometimes, a car seems to malfunction on a large scale. This doesn’t always indicate a costly, advanced problem, but could just be the result of a sensor or piece of software. In today’s vehicles, computers play a large part in the operation. That’s why it becomes difficult for the average driver to understand the cause of the symptoms they see.

When you come to Minnie’s Auto Repair, we take the time to diagnose your issue and then explain it to you. We don’t want you to be in the dark about anything that’s occurring.


Here are some common parts of your electrical system and what they do.


Battery – this device stores power to start your engine and run all the electronics in your vehicle. It runs your power windows, lights and stereo.

Alternator – this device charges your battery. It makes sure that the battery keeps a charge of 12 to 14 volts at all times. Heat and extreme driving push your alternator beyond its limits. That’s why this component sometimes faces the need to be replaced.

Starter – there’s nothing else in your car that consumes as much power as this. That’s because it’s responsible to turn the engine’s crankshaft and start the combustion process.

Fuse Panel – everything that runs on electric in your car goes through the fuses. They prevent the system from short-circuiting or facing overloads.

Getting Your Electrical System Repaired

Because your electrical system is so complex, you must take steps to care for it properly. Keeping the entire vehicle well maintained helps to save you a lot of hassle later on.

As soon as you see a warning light in your car, you need to have it checked out. The check engine light sometimes warns of electrical failures. With a diagnostic check, you have the chance to repair the issue before it becomes monumental.

If you face a battery that won’t start, you want to make sure anything unnecessary is turned off. Turn off all interior lights and the radio. Then, contact us at Minnie’s Auto Repair for immediate service.

If you notice the headlights start to dim while you are driving, there’s something faulty in the system. You’ll want to get your vehicle to us before you lose the entire system goes down.

You no longer have to face these situations alone now that you know Minnie’s Auto Repair is here for you in Columbia, SC. We’ve built a strong reputation in the community and are trained to handle the smallest job like power antenna repair to power window repair as well. If you pull in our shop for windshield wiper repair or power lock repair, you’ll find the same treatment as someone having a transmission replaced. No job is too small or too large for us to handle with ease.

We understand how valuable your car is to you. The smallest electrical problems can damper your plans. Our expert techs are ready to walk with you through your next auto electrical repair job so you don’t miss a single beat of life.