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There’s nothing worse than sitting behind the wheel on a hot summer day only to find out your AC isn’t working right. It’s one of the car systems you rarely think about until something goes wrong. Whether you need automotive AC and heating repair or you just want to have heating and cooling system diagnostics, we are here to help. At Minnie’s Auto Repair, we know how critical the heat is to you in the winter and the air conditioning is during the hot days of summer. That’s why we strive to offer services that keep you comfortable all year long.

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Sometimes, it’s obvious that you need heating system repair and service. Other times, you receive subtle indications that something isn’t right. You should have your vehicle checked by Minnie’s Auto Repair any time you encounter one of these situations.


  • Strong, strange odor seeping out of the vents
  • Air doesn’t feel like it’s blowing properly
  • Air isn’t getting cold anymore
  • Strange noises such as whistling or screeching occur when you turn on the AC
  • The windows or windshield begin to fog up
  • Antifreeze starts to leak inside your car (noticeable on the passenger side floor)
  • Car requires an excessive amount of coolant on a regular basis

Warning Signs that You Should Have Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Service

Person adjusting the heater temperature in their car

Your Car’s AC System Explained

To understand any service, you want to first grasp how it works. The air conditioning system in your car is broken into two main parts. There is a high side and a low side. On the high side of things, you have a compressor. This operates just like a pump would. It moves the car’s refrigerant throughout the system and pushes it into the condenser. This is the location where all the higher pressure gas gets cooled.

On the low side, you have an evaporator and expansion valve. The valve’s job is to restrict and meter all of the refrigerant before it makes its way to the evaporator.

There are more parts involved than just that. You also have gaskets, hoses, O-rings and a belt working in conjunction with the system. Every component, no matter how big or small, needs to do its job for you to remain comfortable in the cabin.

Recharging Your AC Refrigerant

If you find that the cabin isn’t getting cool like it once did, you might need a refrigerant recharge. At Minnie’s Auto Repair, we handle all your needs whether you are running a system with R12 or R134a. Neither of these disintegrates on its own, so if you are low, there’s likely a leak in the sealed and pressurized unit. We will inspect all the hoses, components and connection fittings to determine the cause of the problem.

Another reason you want to have this promptly addressed is because the automotive refrigerant damages the environment. As it leaks out, it causes holes in our ozone layer. Once we figure out where the leak is, it won’t be hard to repair it and get you back on the road. Then, you can find the relief you need once again from the heat or cuddle up in the driver’s seat to escape the cold.

If you drive a car that’s older than 1994, it’s possible that you are still using R12 refrigerant. This has been upgraded to R134a, but it’s not difficult for us to perform a refrigerant replacement service to get you up to date.

AC System Repairs

Other than the refrigerant, you have to consider all the other parts we mentioned earlier. Because there are moving and working components to your system, there are other things that could go wrong. During our diagnostics, we can pinpoint the exact nature of the issue and repair it quickly. If you need belt repair and replacement or compressor repair and replacement, you know that the skilled technicians at Minnie’s Auto Repair are equipped to handle the task.

We’ve handled the smallest gasket swap to the largest evaporator repair and replacements. There’s just no reason for you to spend your winter shivering or your summer sweating.

We Get the Job Done Right

Don’t wait another minute to ensure your comfort during your daily commute. We want to make sure that you have the ideal temperature inside your car. Call Minnie’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC and we will set up an appointment that’s convenient for you. With our state of the art equipment and friendly, skilled staff, you know the job will be done right the first time.

Our diagnostics are quick and easy. Once we’ve determined the problem, we take the time to make sure you understand what’s wrong and how to fix it. Then, we proceed to repair whatever aspect is broken and get you back on your way. You don’t have to be a victim to Mother Nature any longer.

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