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Minnie’s Auto Repair is a shop for women, by women.

Opened in 2017, we are the sister shop to Mickey’s Auto Repair, also serving the Columbia and Irmo area since 1985. Husband and wife team Jason and Claudia Donnelley purchased Mickey’s in 2007, and in 2017 opened Minnie’s to offer auto service with a woman’s touch in mind.

Minnies Auto Repair Columbia SC Location
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Whether you need a walk-in or make an appointment, we can help. Come by our shop on St. Andrews Road in Columbia, SC, or call us to make an appointment. On top of your expert vehicle repair services, we provide a bright, inviting lobby with free Wi-Fi and a shuttle service so you can get where you need to go.

We Are A

Full Service Automobile Care

With all that in mind, we still provide a full slate of vehicle care and upkeep services. Our work is backed by a 12,000- or 36,000-mile warranty (depending on service), and we provide transparent and comprehensive diagnostics so that you know exactly what your car needs, and why we recommend the work that we do.

Our services include

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Minnie’s Car Care Blog

Written by our mechanics for you.

Common Car Myths

Car Myths and Fake News Car myths are probably some of the most maddening things to deal with in an auto repair shop on a daily basis. Not a day goes by that we deal with this in one form or another. There are basically two different kinds of car myths; those created...

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How to Prepare Your Car for the Holiday Season

Winter Car Care Tips for the Holiday Season The holidays are approaching, and many places are already feeling the cold. Which means that it’s time to think about preparing your car for the winter.  Now, certain places don’t have to worry so much about winter car care...

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Decoding Your Dashboard Indicator Lights

  Decoding Your Dashboard Indicator Lights   We know the feeling: you start your car, or you’re in the middle of a trip, and you notice a bright orange light out of the corner of your eye.     Check Engine!  Thermometer?  Exclamation Point?!?   We...

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